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The office was established more than 50 years ago by Adv. Yehoshua Gelbard, and since 25 years the office is a partnership: Gelbard, Amit,   Wesler – Law Office, comprising lawyers Yehoshua Gelbard, Eitan Amit and Dalia Wexler, plus the office staff.

The office is a "boutique" office, experienced, expert, dedicated, laying emphasis upon professional and speedy response, personal relation and approach with clients, in Israel and abroad.

The office's objective is to provide to our clients legal advice and assistance, in the civil-commercial field in general and real estate in particular.

The office gives general legal advice and support to companies and to private clients, including advice and support to foreign residents and foreign companies, in respect of business and investments in Israel (and sometimes also abroad).

The office specializes in real estate transactions (sales agreements, combination deals, Tama 38, assistance with planning and building procedures and engagement with various suppliers, assistance in sale and letting of apartments and commercial units and registration of business transactions, including registration of condominiums etc.), as well as providing advice and assistance to companies and private parties in the civil-commercial field (including drawing up of commercial agreements, setting up of companies etc.), inheritances and testaments, family arrangements, trusteeships etc.

Furthermore, the office deals in representation in civil lawsuits, arbitration and mediation.


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Law Firm -Gelbard, Amit, Wechsler

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